Lone Leth Larsen's CV


Lone Leth Larsen,

born 24.05.1954, Frederiksberg




Carl Plougs Vej 61

6000 Kolding





Mobil +45 25599166



1974-1978                 History of Art, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (BA)

1979-1985                 History of Art, Københavns Universitet


Relevant working experience

2010-       head of dept. culture, municipality of Kolding

                Tasks and competences:

-       Overall management and economical responsibility

-       Staff management

-       Political committee work

-       Development of the cultural policy through a design thinking process together with the political committee of culture- and business, the directors of cultural institutions and citizens

-       Implementing culture in the health policy of the municipality of Kolding

-       Development of the associations of Kolding through meetings, seminars and courses.

-       Developing the cultural institutions through managerial coaching meetings and seminars.

-       Created and strengthened the network of head of dept. Culture in Trekanten (region)

-       Developing the cultural heritage potential of Christiansfeld i.e.

  • Restarted the UNESCO process
  • Started the development of an international classical music festival

1994-2010 director Det Danske Kulturinstitut Benelux (www.dkibenelux.org )

                Tasks and competences

-       Overall management and economical responsibility

-       Staff management

-       Project management: art and cultural projects, seminars, conferences, study trips between Denmark and the Benelux about the challenges of society, fundraising, lectures, and language teaching

-       Media and PR (dissemination of Danish culture and politics in Belgian and Dutch media, especially radio – VRT 1, BNR and Nieuwsradio the Netherlands)

-       Strategic planning

1993-1994                 organising Cultural festival Holland in Helsingør in Helsingør,

1984-1994                 Louisiana Museum, school service, lecturer and part of working group developing the new Children’s Museum

1984-1986                 freelance journalist, Helsingør Dagblad

1982-1983                 organising art, music and literature festival Multikunst, 83, Aarhus and København

1980-1994                 lecturing and teaching art history at Folkeuniversitet and eveningschool,

1979-1980                 Italy/Rome, studies, and work as a tour guide (history and art history of Italy and Rome)

1978-1979                 British Museum working on the Viking exhibition as a trainee


board and other jobs

HoD          House of Design, advisory board

2010-        member

BKF          Børne-og kulturchefforeningen (association of heads of departments)

2012 -       member of national board

2013-        member of board for Region Syd

                member of board of the cultural network, nationally and regionally

UBC          Union of Baltic cities

2011-        chairperson for the Cultural Commission

EUNIC      (www.eunic-brussels.eu) (association of cultural institutes in Europe)

2007-        member of governance group.

2006-2007                 Chairman  EUNIC-Brussels

2005-2006 Vicechair EUNIC (tidligere CICEB) now a European organisation

1997-1998 First chairperson CICEB         

1996-        co-founder CICEB, association of cultural institutes in Belgium

Tasks and competences

-       Lobby work at the general secretary level for a European dimension and network

-       Lobby work and cooperation with EU commission and other European institutions as the Council of Europe, European Economical and Social committee, the EU parliament about cultural policies, projects  and evaluations.

-       Developing CICEB growing from a local Brussels to a worldwide network (EUNIC) with a structural cooperation with the EU commission: EUNIC has been responsible for think-tanks about multilingualism and working with EU representations in third countries.


European projects (a selection)

2000-        A series of conferences Culture+ (i.e. Culture and mobility, 2008, Culture and intercultural dialogue, 2002) Culture and Age (2006) Culture and family patterns (2009))

2007-2008 Alter Ego, an intercultural project with 22 European countries


2005-2006 Fairy tales before Take off, a project promoting multilingualism in 6 airports in Europe.

2003-2004 LARGE, a film project with young filmmakers from 24 countries in Europe.


Other boards and think tanks

2009-10     Think tank about peripheral regions for the Dutch province (region) of Zeeland

2008-10     Det Danske Kulturinstituts board, København,

2007-13     Locus, the Flemish governmental organisation for local level cultural issues

2006-        Intorno, Rotterdam opera ensemble, vice chair

2005-10     Dutch organisation (BMC), helping municipalities implementing new policies and issues, consultant and think tank

2002-10     ECAS, (European Citizens Actions Services) lobby organisation for citizen’s rights and democracy in Europe. In this context developed citizens panels and hearings in all European countries about European issues. http://www.europaeiske-borgerkonsultationer.eu/

Have worked on creating a Citizens house in Brussels

2005-2007                 Culturele Biographie Vlaanderen, (the Flemish council for cultural heritage) member of board

2003-        a sort of  “Godmother” for Cultural houses in the Netherlands (establishing cultural houses in peripheral regions to create cohesion in local societies in the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel) the model was and is the Danish cultural houses/centres.

2003- 10    part of a governmental think tank for cultural heritage in Flanders:  creating a master plan  for cultural heritage in Flanders.

2001-2003  ppuntcultuur Vlaanderen (association of cultural centres Flanders)

2001-2008 co-founder Europe of Cultures Forum,

1996-2001                 Europe of Cultures,

a Flemish governmental organisation, where I participated in organising half yearly conferences different places in Europe about a common experience on cultural identities and other political issues.



2008         author of the guidebook Turen går til Belgien, Politikens forlag

2006-        founder of Scandinavian Language school Brussels. http://www.scandinavianschool.be in 2010 a language school teaching the 5 Nordic languages with 200 pupils,

2003-2005 managing the Hans Christian Andersen year and it’s projects in Benelux for the Hans Christian Andersen secretariat.


Languages: Danish, English, Dutch, German fluently, written and spoken,

French and Italian, fluently spoken.